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about me

My name is Danielle and I am the host of the Limitless Ladies in Leadership Podcast! You can read more about me by clicking here or listening to my first episode below!

about the podcast

The word "limitless" started coming to fruition for me in early 2021 after two main events; The first, I was reading Jim Kwik's book, "Limitless" and was extremely inspired by his series of life events.. many of which I related to.

The second came to me in the middle of some self-growth work where a coach of mine had asked me to come up with three words that defined me. Without hesitation, I said I was a "Powerful, Creative and Limitless Leader". My coach then told me that it was about time I started acting like one. 


From there, not only was the word "limitless" inspiring to me, but I started creating my personal definition of the word. I think of it as a way of being that is "without bounds", "unstoppable", "fearless" along with many other inspiring words.

So, what was I to do with my newfound love of this word? It came to me quickly that I wanted to share other people's stories and what their definitions of the word was. I have also had trouble in the past connecting with my feminine side (yes, I'm still a female), so I took this as an opportunity to learn more about myself by learning from other female leaders.

And… The end result? This podcast!

My intention with this podcast is to feature Limitless Ladies in all forms of Leadership; the ground-shakers, head-turners and the you're-not-going-to-tell-me-NO-ers! The women who took a stand and started living their lives to the fullest!

There are no boundaries, no guidelines, and definitely no limits to where this podcast may go! That being said, there are also no filters, so if certain topics, words or ideas are sensitive to you, you may want to refrain from listening. This podcast is intended for mature audiences.


support the podcast

This podcast is made possible by your contributions on Patreon. Stay up to date with bonus features, guests, and much more by visiting out Patreon site at https://www.patreon.com/limitlessladiesinleadership



Email me at limitlessladiesinleadership@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.
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