about the logo

This logo represents the Limitless Ladies in Leadership Podcast, and there's no coincidence it is what it is!
The corset represents "Ladies". Sure, we're not in the early 1900's wearing corsets all day, but there was something about it that I wanted to redefine.
In the Victorian era, the corset has been not only a fashion trend, but allowed the waist to be taken in, and the breasts to be exposed. There are many views stating that the corset was cruel and demeaning to women. I wasn't alive then, so I can't speak on that.
Over time, the corset has also become a fashion statement. It can still be seen in modern day wear, even above clothing, or alone. And, in my opinion, woman have redefined and truly OWNED the corset!
At first glance, the bottom of the logo may just look like the bottom of any corset, but if you look closely, you'll see that it's made up of the three "L's" of the Limitless Ladies in Leadership title. Ironically, this wasn't my first time designing a logo like this... let me tell you a funny story.
When I was in my early 20's, I owned a company called "Leather & Lace Lingerie", or "LLL". I had created a similar logo to represent the company.
When I was creating this podcast, over ten years later, I was jotting down potential names of what I wanted to call it. I knew I wanted the word "Limitless" in the name because of how it applied to my current position in life (more about that in Episode 1). I also knew that the podcast was going to be by women, and for women; the word "Ladies" made more sense.
I also wanted to incorporate the word "Leader" or "Leadership" into the podcast, because, really, who would want to hear episodes based on people who aren't uplifting?!
It wasn't long before I came up with "Limitless Ladies in Leadership" without even realizing I used all "L's", just as I had done with Leather & Lace Lingerie. It didn't take me long to adjust the logo and make it applicable to this newfound idea!