002: Sexuality, Sensuality + Self-Love

Updated: Mar 12

* This podcast is intended for mature audiences only! *

Lauren White is the goddess and founder of Amber Bath Co and The Sex Den; the woman-powered blog and Instagram show, featuring women of all walks of life sharing their stories of intimacy and sexual power.

With a degree in communication, Lauren speaks about how we can effectively speak to our partners and really learn how to share our own desires and listen to theirs as well!

Lauren breaks all "social boundaries" with The Sex Den, featuring topics such as self-pleasure, threesomes, anal, and so much more! She empowers women to explore their own feminine existence and communicate with their partners on what they desire!

In this episode, Lauren gives us some tips and tricks on how to feel confident, not only IN the bedroom (or kitchen), but BEFORE we even get there!





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More about Lauren (from her site):

I’m just like you. I have questions and desires, and I am curious about my sexuality. For years and years, I hid from myself, lied to myself and to others, presented myself as a sexy woman while not feeling sexy on the inside, or while I was actually having sex.

I was so worried about what I looked like during any interaction, but ESPECIALLY sex. If I was making the right noises. If I’d be able to have an orgasm. If I was moving my body like my partner wanted. If my partner even wanted me.

I wasn’t able to relax and enjoy my sexuality, and I sure as hell wasn’t able to actually talk about it.

Ironically, I hold a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Communication with a minor in psychology. I have studied communication for ten years, and have come to the conclusion that humans are comfortable talking about almost any topic, but when it comes to sex, most of us close up, shut down, turn our backs.

Our society is the same way. People will obsessively watch porn in private, but won’t ask their partners what they like in bed. Partners will cheat or have affairs, but won’t tell the person they love that they’re craving something different. Folks will hide their fantasies and desires in shame. Movies show how men get off constantly, but avoid scenes highlighting female pleasure and orgasm. Sexual education classes in elementary school do not discuss pleasure, and make sex a terrifying thing to even consider right when our bodies are changing into adult form.

All of those are HUGE issues. We are societally screwed when it comes to sexuality (pun intended).

Of course some of us have great relationships with our bodies and sex, but many of us, lurking in the shadows (or maybe in plain sight), feel vulnerable, and self-conscious about our sexuality and desires. We think it will get better with time, but don’t really know where to start, or how to make that happen.

The more I talked to my friends (and strangers too for that matter), the more I realized that we all struggle in some way with our sexuality. I’m here to help with that! I’m here to help you feel more comfortable (and pleasurable) in your own skin!

Through education, yoga teacher training, meditation, masturbation, looking at my body in the mirror, writing, reading, exercising, nude photography, open relationships, monogamous relationships, and single dating life, I understand what it’s like to feel lost and then found. To love my body. To enjoy sex. To speak my truth. To feel like hot ass mamacitas in the bedroom.

Because I did it, I know you can too. Let me guide you.

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