003: Grace + Gratitude

Nicole Hopkins is a badass babe on a mission of self-discovery!

In this episode, she talks about how despite growing up in a household of all girls, she felt sexuality and femininity wasn't taught to her. Nicole used to call herself "shy" as a way to explain her reactions to her feelings, but over the years has learned some new practices to get out of her head when she feels uncomfortable.

Today, Nicole is nearly finished with her 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training! She has taught yoga for several years, but took a small break in 2020, due to COVID. Nicole eventually had this "wake up moment", where she realized she was tired of playing by the rules that others wrote, and since then, she's been on this amazing journey of self-discovery and growth!

Nicole talks about how transforming our thoughts about ourselves or others directly translates into our own actions. If we create negative thoughts around neutral events, we set ourselves up to continuously associate other neutral or even positive events with those old ideas. Instead, we can shift the way we internally judge ourselves, and allow ourselves the opportunity to have a new experience with every event! Instead, Nicole shares her positive experience with living in Grace and Gratitude.

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Nicole is a writer, a poet and an avid reader. She loves to explore the deepest part of what is humanity and does this in her practices. She is no longer the "shy girl" she once associated with; today, she's an inspired, loving and courageous leader she was born to be!

Nicole lives by the acronym TFAR; Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and Results. She explains how our thoughts lead to our feelings, which leads to our actions, which then leads to our results. She explains how the power of thought can shift our own results, and how it's important to have positive thoughts in order to achieve maximum results.

Nicole is using her voice today to not only speak up for what she's yearning for in life, but to uplift others and inspire them to use their voices as well!

Stay tuned for Nicole's online yoga program, as well as her online writing club where people get to not only share their free expressions in writing, but allow (if requested) to hear feedback from others. This is Nicole's true vision in creating a break though in others to share what they've written and get out of their own story or version of the word "shy".

Nicole also gives advice on slowing down and being thankful and grateful for what we've already accomplished before asking ourselves, "What's next?" She shares the power in craving more, but also recognizing how far we've come!

Follow Nicole on the platforms listed above to stay in the loop for what's to come!

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