009: Seen + (Un)Heard

Patricia Love is a successful realtor, managing broker, women's empowerment coach and author of the book Seen and (Un)Heard. Patricia turns women’s words of “I can’t” into “I can” with her positive words of encouragement and living as Life’s Cheerleader!

In this podcast, Patricia shares her story of sexual and physical assault, and her fear in reporting the incidents. She describes how these events led her to running from, and masking her pain with unhealthy behaviors. Thankfully, later in her life, she realized that harming herself and playing the victim wasn't doing her any good, and she made a decision to take her power back, which led to her not only empowering herself, but empowering others as well!

Patricia shares her full story in her book, Seen and (Un)Heard, which can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble at the links below. Be sure to check out Patricia's coaching programs on her website!




Purchase the book, Seen and (Un)heard:


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More about Patricia (from her website):

"They call me RahRah now, and see me as Life’s Cheerleader, but it was not always like that. I grew up as the youngest of three children, my father was emotionally absent, my mother battled alcoholism, and I was pushed to the side. There was no motivation. I was a lost child, I felt I did not matter. In my young adult years, I had trauma and death that surrounded me, which brought out a rebellious attitude and the making of bad decisions. I had two choices: to medicate myself and indulge in escapism or to motivate myself and change my life. I thankfully chose the latter… I discovered through books how I could use my thoughts and words to change my mood, my outlook on life, and even shape my future. I was hooked, and before I knew it, I was motivating my friends and others, to make them feel better.

Throughout the years, people have sought me out for advice, input, and sometimes nothing more than a kind word to get them through the day.

Today, I am still a work in progress (it never ends for anyone,) but, I have found peace and abundance in the areas of my life that are important to me. Whether that is coaching, volunteering, writing my blog, or simply going for walks on the beach.

My continued mission as a coach, is to motivate and empower women and girls to find their inner strength and their voice, to take control of their life, and live the life they were born to live.

I also created “healing hoodies” so everyone could become part of my mission to create change in the world, through the words you wear. Let’s all play a part in healing the world. 100% of the net proceeds goes toward motivating women and young girls."

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