016: Plant Chics, Part 2

Marzia Prince is the co-founder of Plant Chics (check out Episode 12 featuring her business partner Jacque!). She is also an award-wining international health and wellness expert, and has been featured on Fox News Radio, iHeartRadio, CW33 and Channel 8 News in Dallas. She competed in IFBB Pro in 2010 and was named D Magazine’s top trainer to follow on Instagram as well as Dallas’ Top 10 Most Influential women. Marzia is certified in nutrition, physical fitness, bio-mechanics in resistance training, and pre/post-natal wellness.

In this episode, Marzia talks about how her childhood was filled with the need to please her abusive parents, which played a part in her partying as a young adult, getting divorced multiple times, leaving multiple career industries, but eventually led to her starting her own business!

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More about Jacque and Plant Chics (from the website): We are your coaches Jacque and Marzia. We help women rock out with their broc out to live their best life. At Plant Chics, you will find a community of women inspiring and supporting each other in their plant-based health journey. Whether you are plant-curious, a part-time Plant Chic, or a plant-based pro, we got your back. You will become the healthiest and most confident you’ve ever felt on the Plant Chics lifestyle. Want to know the best part? You will make lifelong connections and girlfriends in our Plant Chics Tribe. Community is crucial to health and and happiness, and our Tribe delivers. Welcome! We’re so excited to have you as part of the family!

Jacque was looking to compete in a fitness competition for the very first time, but she wanted to challenge herself and compete 100% plant-based. Since Jacque previously practiced as an RD (Registered Dietitian), she was very particular and she sought out a well-versed plant-based competition coach so she could compete the right (healthy) way. She reached out to Marzia, who had been vegan since 2010 and competed vegan as an IFBB Bikini Pro, and Jacque instantly knew she had found the right coach.

Through the year that Jacque was training online with Marzia, they developed a close friendship. They had so much in common from the past and envisioned the same future goals for themselves and their clients. This dynamic duo knew they had great energy and ideas together, and they couldn't wait to share their vision with others. After attending a health conference together, they knew they were a great business match! The rest is history!

Marzia credits her success to her healthy lifestyle behaviors. From haute mess to Healthinista, she is living a plant-based, eco- friendly lifestyle that has helped her overcome many challenges in life. She firmly believes you need to live a healthy lifestyle to be successful in life. Health is not just what you are eating, it is about what you are thinking, saying, and doing daily. Her Healthinista programs have changed thousands of lives. Goals that clients once thought to be impossible to achieve were met and surpassed upon completion of her programs.

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